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Retire for L.I.F.E. isn’t a gimmick or a quick fix. It’s a tried and true approach to retirement income planning that takes into account every financial aspect of your life. Our presenters are scattered throughout the country, sharing what they know to empower people just like you to take control of their financial futures.

Each presenter participates in rigorous training, ensuring they can deliver the information to you in the most helpful way possible: with real talk and not a lot a fluff.

We have knowledgable retirement planning professionals all over the country.

Where did the
Retire for L.I.F.E.
concept come from?

Having been in the financial and insurance industry for 15+ years, Matthew Schuller saw program after program roll through with the goal of helping consumers plan for their retirement. The problem? They were all relatively the same. Nothing encompassed everything in order to be comprehensive. So, Matt went to work.

He developed Retire for L.I.F.E. because he saw a need for something different—something better—and he also has a passion for financial literacy. Guiding clients down a path of clarity and confidence as it pertains to retirement planning is what it’s all about for Matt, and that’s why he created Retire for L.I.F.E.